What's Included:

New Luxury Pet Grooming Salon on wheels! Great for the busy family, senior pets or pets with high anxiety. Skip the car ride, stressful environment and time spent in cages. All pets will have one on one attention, groomed straight through and hand dried all right in your driveway (or road if it's more flat). The state-of-the-art van is built by the leading manufacturer of mobile pet service vehicles in the world! You can rest assured that the van is safe and clean! Everything I need is right in the van. Fresh warm water, electric, heat and air conditioning. And of course all of the tools and equipment needed to groom your pet. I only use high quality products tailored to your pet's needs. The only thing I need from you is a flat place to park and your pooch!

Now Booking dogs only!! Text 330-269-9161 to schedule.

Prices Start at:

Small dog baths start at $70, haircuts $85

Medium dog baths start at $85, haircuts $115

Not taking any new large dog clients.

These prices are to just give you an idea. Different coat types, condition, size, behavior and other factors will lower or raise the cost.

Dog grooms include:

  • bath (scrubbed twice or more!)

  • Seasonal scented facial wash

  • nail trim/file

  • ear cleaning

  • blow dry

  • brush out (deshed)

  • hair cut/style (depending on breed)

  • paw pad shave/trim

  • ear plucking (ask your vet)

  • glands (ask your vet)