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Grooming prices are based on the condition of the coat, size, the pet's behavior and the time it takes to complete the groom. Any dog needing a muzzle or extra time for any reason, (behavior, excessive matting, etc.) will have an extra charge. Please call for an estimate!

Dog grooms include:

  • bath (scrubbed twice or more!)

  • facial wash

  • nail trim/file

  • ear cleaning

  • blow dry

  • brush out (deshed)

  • hair cut/style (depending on breed)

  • paw pad shave/trim


  • ear plucking (ask your vet)

  • glands (ask your vet)

  • color accents (tail, ears, feet)

  • feather extensions

Cat grooms:

  • Lion cut

  • nail trim

  • ears cleaned

  • bath/brush

(cat baths are extra and will only be completed on well behaved, healthy cats)​