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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does mobile grooming work?

Text for an appointment! I always give a half hour arrival window. I arrive at your address and park in your driveway or on the street. I come get your dog and when I am finished with the groom, I bring the dog back to your door. Super simple and convenient!

  • Do you need water?

Nope! I carry 50 gallons of fresh water in the van. There is also a grey water tank so I don't dump any dirty water at your house. ​


  • Do you need to plug into my house?

No, I have a battery system that powers everything I need.

  • Do you work in the winter/rain/storms?

If the roads are not drivable, I will have to reschedule for my safety. Rain and storms are not a problem!

  • Does my pet need to be up to date on shots?

I require all dogs to be current on their rabies vaccine.

  • What forms of payment do you take?

All major credit cards, check, cash and Venmo. The full amount is due at time of service.

  • Do I need to be home?

You need to be present for the first appointment. After that, I do offer latchkey service. As long as I have access to the dog and payment.​

  • Do you offer a flea dip/bath?

I do not. I would rather not have ANY fleas in the van. If your pet does have fleas at the time of service, regular shampoo should kill most of them. I cannot guarantee they will all be gone. I always recommend getting a monthly preventative from your vet (not the supermarket or pet store) and keeping your pet up to date all year. Flea charge is an extra $10.

  • Will you use my shampoo?

I purchase high quality professional dog and cat shampoo. I have several kinds available for all hair types and skin conditions. The shampoo I use is one of the most important parts of the whole groom. Cheap shampoo=bad haircut! I WILL NOT use any over the counter flea shampoo on your animal. These can be very dangerous. I will gladly use medicated shampoo or conditioner from your vet.

  • Do you groom aggressive or hard to handle pets?

Yes. I cannot guarantee they will be perfect but I will try my best. I have been known to be able to groom difficult dogs that have been "kicked out" of other salons. I love teaching them there is nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes it takes a few CONSISTENT appointments and "homework", but I can normally improve their behavior over time. Sometimes I can't, and in that case you will need to see a vet for a sedated groom at the vets office.​

  • Are you insured?

This actually is not a frequently asked question but it should be! I am fully insured if anything were to happen to your pet while in my care. I am always super careful but anything can happen when working with animals.

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